Resale properties in Spain (segunda mano)

For reasons of taste many people aren’t interested in newly built property. For other buyers a resale is the only option given the area or type of property they want. Whatever the reason many British buyers are more interested in resales than newly built properties. Fortunately for them the resale market is much bigger than the newly built market, with greater variety and more choice.

But as everyone knows, properties that have been lived in suffer from wear and tear, so resale properties often need some degree of refurbishment after purchase. This may range from nothing more than a lick of paint and some minor repairs to a full refurbishment of the property. Even without going so far as a full refurbishment buyers often find that new kitchens and bathrooms are required, as these rooms tend to depreciate the most from use. However only 10% of British buyers claim they are prepared to take on major reforms, which suggests that expectations are on the low side concerning the extent to which refurbishments are necessary. On the other hand about 40% of British buyers claim that they are prepared to undertake minor reforms when buying resales in Spain.

However buyers should not be deterred by the possibility of refurbishments. The standard of workmanship is generally high in Spain, and many people describe being pleasantly surprised by the ease with which reforms can be carried out. The subject of how to go about refurbishing property in Spain would be a book unto itself but more information and guides can be found at the website.

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