Types of building projects in Spain

Building a house in Spain
Building a house in Spain

Unless you are just repainting and decorating you are likely to need a licence from the town hall to build or refurbish a property in Spain.

According to Spanish planning regulations, residential construction or refurbishments fall into 3 basic categories:

1. New Construction (Obra nueva): Completely new construction on vacant sites or built sites that will be demolished.

2. Extensive Renovation or Addition (Rehabilitación o ampliación): Renovation of a home that modifies the volume of the building, its surroundings or its structure.

3. Renovation (Reforma): Renovation of a home that only affects the interior distribution or the finishing.


Each of these project types need different documentation and involve different professionals. As a result, the costs for these projects can varied considerably.

The prices listed further on are estimates based on an average quality of construction and finishing. Any particularity in the construction or varied situation is not reflected in these estimates. In addition, these estimates do not include taxes (IVA / IRPF).

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