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Buying, owning, and selling property in Spain means you will need a host of related services from companies and professionals such as real estate agents and lawyers to help you get things done. 

How do you know who to deal with? Who can you trust to help you buy, manage, and sell Spanish real estate? With large sums of money involved in an opaque market, the stakes are high, so it’s important to make the right choices when deciding who to work with on property deals in Spain.

Take the example of Spanish real estate agents. A good agent listing fairly-priced homes, providing sound advice based on data and experience, and a helping hand to guide you through the process in a professional manner, can make a big difference to how things work out for you when buying or selling property in Spain. A bad agent can lead you into all sorts of trouble, and sadly there is no shortage of people trying to sell property in Spain who do not deserve your business. Unless you have previous experience, it’s not obvious which ones to avoid until it’s too late.

This directory of real estate companies and professionals is a good place to start when looking for business and services to help you realise your property-related goals in Spain.

Reputations are checked before advertising is accepted, and rankings and reviews are displayed where available.

You will find companies and professionals offering services and solutions such as banking, Spanish ‘Golden Visa’ services, foreign exchange currency brokers, mortgage providers, home insurance and tax consultants, amongst many others.