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Showcase of luxury new homes and developments in Spain

luxury new homes for sale in Spain

A deep-dive into luxury

Introducing a showcase of prime and super-prime new homes and developments in Spain that takes a deep dive into questions of great interest to potential buyers.

I’d like to raise awareness of a showcase of luxury new homes and developments that is now a part of this website. You can see it here: Luxury new homes and developments in Spain, or just click on Showcase in the navigation above.


Why a showcase for the high-end? Because real estate creators in that segment need an exclusive setting in which to show-off their projects. It also gives them a direct line of communication with their target audience. 

The idea is to help property creators like builders, architects, interior-designers, and developers show-off their work in depth that will interest potential buyers and business partners like agents and investors. It’s a deep-dive into luxury new homes and developments in Spain, a place to read about a property in great detail, not to search the market for new properties for sale (there are plenty of portals offering that service).


This site is all about research and information, and the showcase takes the same approach. Heavy on preparation, it takes a lot of time to add a new home or development to the showcase, which is why it helps to focus on a small niche. It also helps that SPI’s highbrow content attracts the right kind of readers. The bigger the investment, the more research.


What’s the criteria for including a property in the showcase? New (off-plan / under construction or renovation / key-in-hand new), a prime or highly-desirable location, outstanding design and build, at the very top of the market in terms of quality, and from a reputable creator. Cowboys have been known to operate in the high-end segment, as victims of Grupo Otero on the Costa del Sol know only too well. 

As some regular readers might have noticed, the subscription fee for a number of premium articles has already been sponsored by Francesc Macià 10 in Barcelona, which is the first new property in the showcase. It was like a pilot project to test the idea, and the results were good. Others will follow.

Even if it’s not for you, or like me, you can’t afford it, it’s interesting to see what the very high-end of the new home market in Spain looks like. Francesc Macià 10 was the first super-prime fully-serviced development to be launched in Spain, and blazed a trail for others to follow. It showed that the super-prime market can work in Spanish cities like Barcelona and Madrid, not just in London, New York, Miami and Dubai.

The pool and spa area of Francesc Macià 10 in Barcelona.