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As international interest in Balearic moves to exclude outsiders from the housing market grows, how alarmed should foreign investors be?

There has been a slew of recent articles in the international media about political moves afoot in the Balearics to find ways to exclude house-buyers who haven’t lived in the region for at least five years on the grounds that outsiders are making housing unaffordable for locals.

Why the sudden international interest in a story I reported almost nine months ago, is there any chance of foreign property-buyers being banned from the Balearics, and why are local politicians looking to discriminate against certain groups rather than increase the quantity and quality of housing for all segments? In this video I have a crack at tackling these questions.

Thoughts on “As international interest in Balearic moves to exclude outsiders from the housing market grows, how alarmed should foreign investors be?

  • Hi Mark
    Sorry if this upsets your new format, but I would prefer to read your articles rather than listening to podcasts. I find it a slow way of getting the information and normally only need to scan to get the main points.
    The result is that I don’t listen to them. Maybe print the script as an addition.

  • I totally agree with David (Wicks). I would suggest that many Spanish Property Insight subscribers follow the Spanish property market keenly and used the previous SpanishPropertyInsight articles as a way of keeping up to date. I do not listen to the podcasts either – I find them tedious and filled with information that I am already aware of. I sincerely hope this not sound too harsh.

  • Yes, I would also like it in written form – or at least a summary, a reason being, that when one is in the living room on the laptop and the family is there, it’s tricky to ask everyone to stop watching the TV etc., while I play a video.

  • in reply to David, Mike and Ros/adding my own weight: same here – not even on double speed, as much as I actually do like Mark’s voice; much grander fan of the previous format and a lot more useful, and that in a variety of ways…

    • PS: not meaning to sound harsh – it’s just like a boring old webinar and again, reading at my own speed truly missed – as is your expertise; that said – I do find the la Piedra podcast entertaining and enjoyable as an add on; going all video however is just too much of the same…

  • Mark Stücklin says:

    Thank you all very much for the feedback. All your comments make perfect sense and I should have worked it out for myself but sometimes you need others to point out what’s in front of your nose. Observing the way social media and the world around me is going I just assumed that most people now prefer their content on a visual plate, even though I personally don’t, though it does also depend on the subject matter. I’ve been experimenting with video presentations in the last few weeks and it’s been a bit of a learning curve, and I’m glad I’ve done it because I think I’ll get something out of it. But it’s also a relief to know that the old format was not broken. Now that I’ve learnt a bit about vid presentations and how to do them quicker I think I can probably manage a blend of both, as I always need a written plan to produce the vid. But in the light of this feedback I’ll rethink my original plan to focus on videos and maybe do 80% articles and 20% vids when the topic lends itself well to a video format.

    The big question I still haven’t answered for myself, and need to answer one day, is what type of content are my readers, or at least a sufficient number of them, prepared to pay a subscription to read?

    • tiers & teasers, some goodies strictly paywalled – poss some ‘knowledge packages’;
      and yes, you most certainly must be remunerated for your time, effort & expertise!
      important add on: much of social media is a race to the bottom – don’t get too hooked;
      speaking of ‘visual plate’: your mix of stellar and enlightening graphs together with intro
      and explanatory text (as well as some of your appreciated other contributors) is why SPI
      is on my reading list each Sunday… and guess what – I will take out a paid subscription .”.

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