Keep your home safe with a Securitas Direct alarm from HolaBank

With HolaBank, your holiday home will continue to be safe after the summer. Live more peacefully with the leading security system in Spain.

HolaBank, a division of CaixaBank exclusively for expatriates and second-home owners in Spain, goes beyond offering financial products and services. It also wants to give extra peace of mind to its international customers. That is why it offers the possibility of protecting your second homes in Spain with this European leader’s security system and under preferential conditions.

This is the MyBox HolaBank Alarm security system from Securitas Direct1, which uses the latest and most innovative technology to offer you peace of mind when your home is empty for long periods of time – a system particularly well-suited to our international customers.

Your home will be connected 24 hours a day to Europe’s largest and most advanced monitoring centre, with more than 1,100 security experts to respond to any security alert or emergency.

In the event of an intrusion or emergency, the police are alerted within 20 seconds. They system also has home climate control, so if there is a sudden change in temperature, humidity or air quality, homeowners are immediately notified.

To ensure that everything is always working properly, maintenance, servicing and replacement of devices and batteries are all included in the same package.

In addition, you can use the My Verisure mobile app to see and hear what is going on at home while you’re away

Find out more information on how to protect your home with Securitas Direct’s MyBox HolaBank Alarm at CaixaBank branches and at the HolaBank website.

  1. The offer to sell this service is exclusive to Securitas Direct S.A.U., registered in the National Private Security Registry under number 2737, with the intermediation of Wivai Selectplace, S.A.U. Wivai Selectplace, S.A.U. – Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 159-163, pl. 8, 08014 Barcelona, Companies’ Registry of Barcelona at volume 9373, folio 52, sheet B-50420, entry 1 – Tax ID No. A-58481730. For more detailed information, see This offer is subject to the Law on Retail Commerce, Consumer and User Protection and other implementation standards. Securitas Direct S.A.U. undertakes to carry out a personalised security study by phone and to install the products in the indicated place within 10 days, at which time the relevant contract will be signed directly with Securitas Direct S.A.U. On the day of installation, Securitas Direct S.A.U. will deliver all the documentation, guaranteeing 100% maintenance, and provide a full explanation of the product and the conditions of its use. If you have any post-sale fault or incident, you should call Securitas Direct Technical Assistance Service (telephone: 900 111 099). CaixaBank is not responsible for the terms and conditions of this offer and any commercial or contractual relations arising therefrom. CaixaBank merely acts as an intermediary. IRN: 5454-2022/09681.

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