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HolaBank clients get access to comprehensive home insurance and security that is designed with the needs of expats and second-home owners in mind.

Buying a home in Spain can be a dream come true but nobody really enjoys sorting out their home insurance and security aspect, especially in a foreign country. Finding the right policy can be hard work, and language barriers an obstacle to success. Which is why MyBox Home from HolaBank can be a godsend for expats and second-home owners who want home insurance and security services on the best terms in a language they understand. 

MyBox Home insurance includes not only competitive building and content cover policies with the same fixed monthly rate for 3 years,  but also an exclusive guarantee of the best service thanks to HolaBank’s quality commitments.

For example, under normal service conditions, HolaBank insurance clients get help and support with emergency services, appointments with technical staff, claims, second opinions, quality of repairs, and compensation within 48 hours after receipt of all documentation needed to assess the claim. When it comes to satisfied insurance clients, HolaBank knows that the service is as important as the policy.

Along with a maintenance service, the MyBox home insurance policies offer comprehensive building cover, contents cover at replacement value, and third party damages coverage, not to mention water damage cover for second-home owners who don’t live in Spain, and might leave their properties empty for extended periods of time.

And, in the event of an accident, HolaBank’s insurance experts will manage all the paperwork, repairs, and payments to professionals, fixing the problem for you even if you are outside of Spain.

Security-wise, MyBox Home includes the best home-security service on the market, with a response time of 29 seconds or less connected 24 hours a day to the biggest alarm centre in Europe. If necessary, the emergency services are called on your behalf.

MyBox from HolaBank also includes car, health and life insurance products helping clients find everything they need for their life in Spain under one roof. With MyBox Home, Holabank has you covered. 

HolaBank is part of the CaixaBank group – one of the leading financial institutions in Spain. But much more than other banks in Spain, HolaBank branches and its online banking apps are specifically organised to address the needs of expats and second-home owners from abroad, offering products and services tailored to their needs in English, and other languages.

If you need any kind of insurance for your home or second-home in Spain, be sure to contact HolaBank for a quote. Visit the HolaBank Insurance webpage for more information.

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