Energy certificates now obligatory for holiday rentals

Since the start of June you need an energy certificate to rent your Spanish home to tourists, with fines for non-compliance.

Holiay rental adverts and listings at portals have to display a valid energy certificate, which must also be included in the rental contract.

Regional authorities are responsible for enforcing the new law, which has been in place for years for property sales.

Fines for non-compliance range from 300€ to 6,000€, depending on the seriousness of the infraction. Small fines for failure to publish a valid certificate, and big fines for falsifying documents, for example.

Owners, agents, and portals can all be fined for advertising holiday rentals without the correct energy efficiency documentation.

Fines for non-compliance can result from spot checks by the authorities, or from complaints by the public. Unhappy neighbours are likely to be the biggest source of fines against owners who don’t have a valid energy certificate.

Industry insiders estimate that many, perhaps most, tourist rental properties do not have energy certificates, which cost time and money to arrange. They complain this measure has been introduced without warning, so many owners won’t be able to arrange a certificate in time for this year’s tourist season. They say it is another blow for a sector already struggling with the impact of the pandemic.

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Thoughts on “Energy certificates now obligatory for holiday rentals

  • Mark Hodgkinson says:

    Thanks for publishing this requirement.
    I have an energy certificate for m property which I rent during the tourist season in Menorca. The property is advertised through a couple of portals but on neither is there a facility to attach documents (airbnb and Rentalia) It would be helpful if someone could provide a guide if possible.


    • I had the electrician at my apartment today for this certificate, but he wasn’t sure which one I needed (seems there are 2)?. there must be a reference number for it?


        • Neighbours will have a valid reason to complain especially if they suspect the apartment or villa is being rented illegally. Some rentals are just a nuisance among the community with excessive noise throughout the day and night. The owners are not interested in the distress caused to locals as long as they are getting the money. I certainly would complain to the authorities if I suspected any neighbouring properties were not covered by the required licences.

    • Mark Stücklin says:

      There should be! I guess you can attach the energy certificate as an image, like a photo of the property. You can also put the energy efficiency rating letter and ref number in the blurb.

  • To answer those question you have to search in Spanish.
    something along the lines of ” certificado energético para alquilar una casa a turistas” or “El Real Decreto 390/2021” will bring you results. If your Spanish is not good use an online translator.
    It would seem that even websites like AirBnB, Booking, Spain Holiday etc can be fined if they do not comply and ensure you have a certificate.

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