HolaBank helps you get back to what matters

HolaBank branch in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca
HolaBank branch in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca

Financial services, and a helping hand from HolaBank, to help you focus on what matters, and turns your dreams into reality in Spain.

Expats and second-home owners in Spain need more than just financial products and services to look after their affairs in Spain. They need a helping hand from experts who understand their  financial needs, and how to match them with products and services that are tailor made for their specific requirements. 

That is Holabank’s raison d’être. No other Spanish bank goes to such lengths to understand the financial needs of expats and second home owners in Spain, and then deliver the services and products to satisfy them, all in the language of your choice.

Part of CaixaBank, one of the biggest banking groups in Spain, HolaBank is specifically organised to take care of the banking needs of expats and second-home owners from abroad. 

CaixaBank has the biggest branch network in Spain, which is fully at the disposal of HolaBank customers, and one of the best online banking experiences offered in various languages.

The HolaBank branch network covers the most popular destinations on the Spanish coast, islands and cities, and is staffed by multilingual specialists who can help you with all your banking needs. 

There are 170 branches close at hand for the international community, and more than 500 customer service staff who understand your needs, and speak your language. 

Or you can use HolaBank’s online and mobile banking apps to get your banking done at any time, wherever you are in the world.

Financial products and services are offered with high-value advice in person or online, for all the transactions you wish to carry out, wherever you are:

And HolaBank can help you protect your home in Spain with the most advanced home-security services from the market leader in alarms.

HolaBank club offers you the support, handyman, and concierge services you need to focus on what’s important to you, freeing up your time and energy to pursue your dreams in Spain. The services they help you with include requesting an identity card, a 24/7 concierge hotline in 5 languages, setting up utility connections, organising direct debits, a handyman service, online/live translation services, and legal support, to list just some of them.

Whether it’s turning your dreams into reality, or helping you with day to day challenges, HolaBank is there for you.

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