Sleep easy with MyBox Alarms from HolaBank

HolaBank alarm from Securitas Direct

Protect your Spanish home from intruders and squatters with an alarm from the leading security company in Spain, financed by HolaBank.

Do you worry about your home in Spain when you are not there, especially if it is left empty for long stretches of time? What if squatters break in and make themselves at home? Now you can put your mind at rest with MyBox Alarms from HolaBank, in partnership with Securitas Direct. 

Peace of mind is what you get when you protect your Spanish home with an alarm from HolaBank and Securitas Direct that uses the latest, most cutting edge technology to protect your home from burglars and squatters alike.

The basic security package includes: Two photodetectors that detect movement and sound the alarm with photos sent to the alarm centre, a door and window sensor, a high powered siren, a key reader plus six keys to activate and deactivate the alarm, warning plaques, a control panel, a sentinel inhibition device with built-in SOS button, and an app to manage your alarm from anywhere in the world.

The technology from leading security company Securitas Direct is so advanced that it is capable of detecting security jamming attempts that the most sophisticated intruders use even before they enter the building.

Once the alarm is triggered, Securitas Direct will be on the case immediately, with a response in under 29 seconds. Depending on the circumstances, they either send their own security personnel around, or call the police.

To give you peace of mind as a home-owner in Spain, HolaBank can help you finance this alarm installation and service. Get in touch for more information. Ask for more information in a branch of HolaBank or CaixaBank. To find your closest branch visit the HolaBank website or click the banner below.

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