HolaBank boxes up health insurance for retirees in Spain

HolaBank is specifically organised to cater to the needs of expats and second-home owners from abroad. No other bank in Spain goes to such lengths to understand your needs, and provide the products and services to take care of them. With HolaBank you get a helping hand in Spain, not just banking.

The last thing retirees in Spain want to cope with is worries about their access to health care. MyBox Salud Seniors from HolaBank takes care of that worry.

A private health insurance plan in Spain designed with expat retirees in mind, from HolaBank’s MyBox selection of goodies for expats and second home owners in Spain.

HolaBank’s MyBox Salud Seniors health insurance policy has been designed to meet the healthcare needs of expat retirees in Spain. With it you get access to extraordinary medical support with more than 43,000 professionals in 1,200 health care centres around Spain – the largest network of medical professionals in the country.

The policy includes a personal health advisor, to help guide you through all your healthcare needs during your golden years in Spain. Your advisor will always be available to answer your queries, either in person or over the phone and all in English or Spanish.

You also get remote healthcare services included in the cover, such as video consultations with doctors, 24-hour medical advice helplines, and prescriptions by email.

HolaBank is part of CaixaBank – one of the leading banking groups in Spain. Click the banner below to visit the HolaBank website, and find out how HolaBank can help you with all your banking and other needs in Spain.

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