HolaBank stands by its customers, now more than ever

At this difficult time for society, HolaBank is committed to offering the best quality of service for its customers, wherever they are in the world.

Many HolaBank customers will find themselves confined at home, and unable to visit Spain due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Others will be expats living in Spain unable to go out due to quarantine measures. These are challenging times for everyone, and HolaBank is determined to make life as easy as possible for all its customers, wherever they are in the world.

HolaBank is part of CaixaBank – one of the leading banking groups in Spain – and HolaBank is specifically organised around the banking needs of expats and second-home owners from abroad, offering products and services tailored to their needs in English and 21 other languages. At a time like this, HolaBank’s peerless online and mobile banking services are a boon for customers who need to avoid unnecessary travel.

At CaixaBank and HolaBank, we are closely monitoring the evolution of COVID-19 in Spain to take all the necessary measures to ensure our customers can keep banking, and our employees continue offering the best quality of service.

In view of this extraordinary situation, HolaBank recommends the following:

  • You use our CaixaBankNow online banking system with cutting-edge technology and services – in website and app versions – to enter in the easiest, quickest and most convenient way, with no need to make any journeys.
  • You sign up for CaixaBankNow online banking in just four steps. Further information.
  • Customers who are in the process of buying a home can begin the feasibility request through Mortgage Now. Further info.
  • Club HolaBank continues to offer the same services, except for in-person cases where this procedure cannot be guaranteed. You can view the available services here.
  • If you are insured by SegurCaixa Adeslas, you can enter here to carry out procedures that don’t need to be done in person.

We will keep our customers informed about the progress of the situation, as well as any new developments that may occur in this regard.

HolaBank thanks its customers for their trust. We are taking the necessary steps to stand by our customers, and society as a whole.


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