Protect your home in Spain with HolaBank

HolaBank alarm from Securitas Direct

HolaBank clients get a great deal on the best alarm system on the market.

There’s nothing like a cutting-edge photodetector alarm system with key readers and door and window sensors to keep your home in Spain safe from burglars and squatters, especially if you are away for long periods of time. Fortunately for HolaBank clients, the alarm system from Securitas Direct does all that, and is available to them on preferential terms.

HolaBank clients get an exclusive deal from Securitas Direct with a basic package including two photodetectors that detect movement and sound the alarm with photos sent to the alarm centre, a door and window sensor, a high powered siren, a key reader plus six keys to activate and deactivate the alarm, warning plaques, a control panel, a sentinel inhibition device with built-in SOS button, and an app to manage your alarm from anywhere in the world.

The service includes 24hr connection to the alarm centre with a response time of 29 seconds or less. You can monitor the alarm from an app on your mobile, with video surveillance and photo request in real time. If the alarm is triggered Securitas Direct send their own security staff and call the police. You also get free extras including an interior wife video surveillance camera, a smoke detector, and remote control device to activate and deactivate the alarm. The product holds EU Grade 2 certification with installation approved by the police.

There’s no better way to protect your home in Spain, so get in touch with HolaBank now as this offer ends on the 31st of May 2020. Ask for more information in a branch of HolaBank or CaixaBank. To find your closest branch visit the HolaBank website or click the banner below.

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