Rest assured in Spain with MyBox insurance from HolaBank

holabank mybox insurance property spainMyBox is an insurance package from CaixaBank that aims to offer you maximum peace of mind with a flat rate cost over three years covering your most important insurance needs in Spain.

If you live in Spain, MyBox is for you. You get comprehensive insurance cover for three years, and a monthly flat rate with no change in the premium or extra charges, so you don’t have to worry about how much it will cost.

MyBox insurance packages include the following features and benefits:

  • MyBox Home insurance with comprehensive cover for your home in the event of household accidents, such as water damage including leaks and repairs of pipes even if no damage is caused, and cover against third-party claims.
  • MyBox Life insurance provides cover for you are your family should you or a loved one pass away, suffer disability or accident, and also includes coverage of the outstanding balance of our bank cards up to €3,000.
  • MyBox Auto insurance covers you against driving accidents and problems on the road

In MyBox you will also find a security system package offering you 0% APR financing for your SeniorProtection system or your Securitas Direct anti-inhibition alarm, which will protect your family and your home 24 hours a day.

HolaBank is part of CaixaBank – one of the leading banks in Spain. But unlike any other bank, our branches are specifically organised to take care of the banking needs of expats and second-home owners from abroad, offering products and services tailored to their needs in English and other languages.

MyBox takes care of all your needs in Spain without breaking the bank. Don’t lose any sleep worrying about your insurance needs. Get in touch with your HolaBank branch and rest assured with MyBox insurance packages.

Visit the HolaBank Insurance webpage for more information. Alternatively click the banner below or call +34 91 832 98 98 to find out how HolaBank can help you with all your banking needs in Spain.

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