Expat-focused HolaBank shares gong for Western Europe’s best digital bank

HolaBank – the bank that dedicates itself to taking care of the needs of expats and second home owners in Spain, is part of the banking group that picked up the Euromoney award for Western Europe’s best digital bank in 2018.

Excellence in digital banking means convenience and security for clients, so the award reflects real benefits for HolaBank clients, who enjoy all the advantages of CaixaBank online services in English, French, German, and almost twenty other languages, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, anywhere in the world with a connection to the internet.

Called CaixaBankNow, HolaBank’s online banking services are available at its website or on your phone or tablet through Apple and Android apps furnished with intuitive interfaces that enable you to do pretty much all your banking any time of the day, anywhere you are,

For example, manage all your accounts, direct debits and cards in the simplest, most convenient way possible, wherever you are. With the useful Quick View feature you can see the last movements in your account or on your card, your last direct debits and messages, on a single screen, as well as accessing operations awaiting signature.

You can make transfers, manage your banking correspondence, look up and manage your receipts, pay taxes, fines, bills and enrolment fees, and, of course, buy and sell foreign exchange; You can book foreign currency, from €300 up to €3,000, and choose the denominations of notes you prefer, for more than 30 currencies. After a period of 2 to 4 days, you can collect from the branch of your choice, or authorise someone else to collect for you.

HolaBank and CaixaBan are also the first banking group in the world to introduce facial-recognition technology in cash point machines, allowing them to consolidate their lead in digital services – the future of consumer banking.

Online banking is ideal for expats and second-home owners in Spain, and as HolaBank shares a prestigious Euromoney award for digital banking in Spain and Europe, it’s the obvious first choice for foreigners needing financial services in Spain. Find out how HolaBank can take care of all your banking needs in Spain. Visit the HolaBank online banking webpage for more information. Alternatively click the banner below or call +34 91 832 98 98 to find out how HolaBank can help you with all your banking needs in Spain.