HolaBank is part of the first banking group in the world to introduce facial-recognition technology in cash point machines


Once again CaixaBank leads the field in technology to make banking easier and safer for customers. The CaixaBank group, which includes HolaBank, is the first financial institution in the world to introduce facial-recognition technology in cash point machines.

Facial recognition means you don’t need to remember and plug in a PIN number to withdraw cash. Simply standing in front of a cash machine with facial-recognition technology that scans a face and analyses up to 16,000 reference points in a heartbeat is all it takes to withdraw cash in the most secure way. Clients love it, with 70% of CaixaBank clients surveyed saying they are happy to use it in place of a PIN number.

Facial recognition in cash points reaffirms CaixaBank’s pioneering role in technology to enhance convenience and security for customers. CaixaBank was the first bank in Spain to offer facial recognition on smart phones in its banking app for the iPhone X. “Technological leadership helps us offer our clients the best personal and specialised service,” explains Gonzalo Gortázar, Managing Director of CaixaBank.

The new technology is already in place in four of CaixaBank’s flagship ‘Store’ branches in Barcelona, and can be used by all CaixaBank customers, including HolaBank clients, after an initial setup process. CaixaBank plan to roll out the service countrywide to all flagship Store branches starting in the second half of 2019.

Part of CaixaBank – one of the leading banking groups in Spain with the biggest branch network – HolaBank is uniquely organised around the banking needs of expats and second-home owners from abroad, offering products and services tailored to their needs in English and other languages. No other bank in Spain goes to such lengths to cater to the needs of foreign clients.

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