HolaBank cards for all your payments in Spain

If you live in Spain, or own a second home in the country, you will find that bank cards come in very useful for paying for all kinds of expenses, and not having to rely on cash. HolaBank, the only bank in Spain specifically organised to take care of the banking needs of foreigners, offers credit and debit cards that are well suited to your needs.

Take the HolaBank Visa credit card, for example. As an HolaBank Living Solutions account holder you get two cards free of charge with no minimum spending limit for you an another family member. So even if you don’t visit Spain one year and spend nothing on your card you don’t get hit with any maintenance charges for these cards.

Another advantage of HolaBank cards is the CaixaBank Protect safety cover for all card holders to protect you against fraud both on and offline, so you never have to worry about your credit card details being stolen and used by others.

HolaBank is part of CaixaBank – one of the leading banks in Spain – and a big investor in technology to make life easier for customers. With HolaBank cards that are part of the CaixaBank network you part of the biggest installed base of contactless payment cards in Spain, and can also make payments with Apps for iPhones and Android, and even smart accessories like payment bracelets as if you were wearing a card on your wrist.

HolaBank is specifically organised around the needs of expats and second-home owners from abroad, offering products and services tailored to their needs in English and other languages. Visit the HolaBank Cards webpage for more information. Alternatively click the banner below or call +34 91 832 98 98 to find out how HolaBank can help you deal with the bureaucracy in Spain.

HolaBank bank in Spain

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