Take advantage of the ‘sweet spot’ with a bargain from Servihabitat, and a mortgage from HolaBank

With a strong recovery underway, the crisis now firmly behind it, and the promise of several years of growth ahead, the Spanish property market looks like it is in the ‘sweet spot’ of the cycle, suggesting this is a good time to invest.

A clear sign of market optimism is CaixaBank’s recent takeover of Servihabitat paying 176.5 million Euro for 51% of the company. CaixaBank is one of the biggest banking groups in Spain, and Servihabitat is the real estate division it set up to manage its property portfolio, before selling it to a private equity group. Just a few years ago Spanish banks like CaixaBank were offloading property divisions to raise capital and reduce real estate exposure. Now that the market looks promising again, CaixaBank wants to “regain control of its real estate assets, allowing for greater flexibility and efficiency in managing and commercialising them, in addition to cost reductions.”

Back under the control of CaixaBank, which also owns HolaBank, a branch network organised around the financial and banking requirements of foreigners in Spain, Servihabitat offers a large portfolio of homes for sale in Spain, many of them bargains resulting from repossessions. Servihabitat is running a “Summer Fever Prices” campaign offering flats and houses all over Spain, including the most popular costas, with discounts of up to 40%.

Take advantage of the Spanish property market ‘sweet spot’ with a bargain from Servihabitat financed by a mortgage from HolaBank, who offer competitive fixed and variable rate loans to foreign investors in their own language. But hurry, the Servihabitat offer ends on the 15th July.

Visit the Servihabitat website for more information on property for sale, and click the banner below or call +34 91 832 98 98 to find out how HolaBank can help you finance this opportunity.

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