HolaBank customers get legal assistance in a language they understand

HolaBank clients with a Living Solutions account can talk to an expert about their legal questions in Spain with a free telephone consultation in either English or French.

There are many situations in our daily life where a simple call to the lawyer could save us from a whole lot of unnecessary problems: particularly if we are living in a country with different laws and systems from our own.

HolaBank clients with a Living Solutions Plan can call a Spanish legal expert in either English or French and get answers to their questions on matters like consumer protection claims, residents’ association disputes, wills and testaments, taxes or employment contracts…

If it’s a question that can’t be answered immediately because of its complexity, a lawyer will get back to you with an answer within 48 hours.

And if, after the initial consultation by phone, clients need to hire a Spanish lawyer, HolaBank can recommend a nearby professional at pre-arranged price with an interesting discount to normal prices.

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