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Hot property for sale in Marbella
Hot property for sale in Marbella

An easy way to keep an eye on the hottest properties for sale in Spain. Great opportunities selected by local experts, all advertised in one place.

Many of my readers are looking to buy property in Spain, so I’ve always wondered how to go about advertising property for sale in a relevant way that focuses on quality, rather than quantity.

With that in mind I recently set up a property corner, and invited some estate agents in my network to list up to 100 of their best properties for sale, hoping my readers would benefit from a selection that helps them focus on quality homes from good agents.

But I soon realised that 100 properties was too much. It doesn’t force agents to focus on the best they have, and makes the property corner look like a portal with out much choice. So I’ve dramatically reduced the number of properties agents can advertise here to make them focus on just the hottest properties they have for sale.

Local agents are well placed to judge which properties are hot and which are not. They get to see all the properties on the market, and know which ones are most likely to sell taking into account price, location, and features. Is a section that focuses just on these properties helpful? I’m still trying it out with a few agents to see how it works. You can view the hot Spanish property for sale selection here. Feedback welcome.

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