Taylor Wimpey sales by nationality shine light on foreign demand

Taylor Wimpey de España sales in first six months of 2015 by nationality

Taylor Wimpey de España sales in first six months of 2015 by nationality

The breakdown by nationality of sales by Spanish developer Taylor Wimpey de España gives a good idea of demand for holiday homes in Spain.

Taylor Wimpey de España, a division of Taylor Wimpey UK, is one of, if not the leading developer of holiday homes in Spain.

The breakdown by nationality of demand for Taylor Wimpey homes offers one of the best snapshots available of foreign demand for holiday homes in Spain (see pie chart above).

British demand is still the biggest market segment, with 20% of sales, followed by Germans (15%), and Scandinavians (14%). Those three segments make up 50% of the market for Taylor Wimpey homes.

However, it is interesting to note how diversified demand for holiday homes in Spain has become. With 50% of Taylor Wimpey buyers coming from a variety of different countries, demand is now much more diversified than it used to be.

Taylor Wimpey sales figures by nationality are similar to the figures published by official bodies like the General Council of Notaries, and the Property Registry. The latest figures available come from the notaries, for the second quarter of this year (see pie chart below).

Spanish property market

Foreign demand for property in Spain broken down by nationality Q2 2014

There are some obvious similarities, like the British up front in both cases, but some important differences too, like the French in second place with 11% market share according to the notaries, whilst french demand is relatively unimportant to Taylor Wimpey, with just 2% of sales.

Overall, Taylor Wimpey sales were up 28% in the first six month of this year compared to the same period last year, revealing a big growth in sales.

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  1. Geffrey Ponder

    I wish more people from China would invest in Spain rather than in Australia.

    Anyone who invests in city property in Australia, particularly off-plan, is throwing away money. Rentals as a proportion of purchase prices are amazingly poor. A crash in prices in both Melbourne and Sydney is long overdue!

    Maybe the main problem is that Spain is not promoting its property investments as well as the Aussies do. Time for better direct contacts to be made, however this can be achieved.

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