Cool Casa: A Palace In Historic Teruel


If you want historic Spain head for Teruel, in the autonomous region of Aragon, where you can buy a palace in the picturesque village of Rubielos de Mora for €1.4 million.

Built in the 16th century, and once the home of Bishop Joaquín Sánchez Cutanda, the property stands out from all the other palaces and manor houses on sale in the province because of its excellent condition after more than 400 years as a home, according to the Spanish daily El Mundo.

One of the big attractions of the property is its unusual structure. Far from being tied to a particular architectural style, the property combines very different styles including half-pointed arches, wooden beams, balconies with iron grills, slightly pointed horseshoe arches and even details with obvious Moorish influences.

The palace is spread over four floors all joined by a fine wide staircase. Approximate floor sizes are 409 square metres on the ground floor, 350 on the first and second, and 180 on the third. The masonry façade has a half-pointed arch and a large noble stone shield. The property formed part of the life of Bishop Joaquín Sánchez Cutanda as the palace was his home when the Supreme Council of Aragon and part of Castile was founded.

According to Robert Menetray, Managing Director of Lançois Doval, quoted in El Mundo, “This is a unique opportunity to enjoy a piece of Teruel history in Rubielos de Mora. The buyer can use this unusual property with 1,359 square metres and move-in ready for their own home or use it as a charming hotel or even a restaurant”.

The asking price is a cool €1.4 million. Go to the agent website for more information.

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