Brisk sales after The Almanzora Group launches amazing deals on select properties in Almeria

Desert Springs Golf Resort in Almeria
Desert Springs Golf Resort in Almeria

Bargains are flying out the door at The Almanzora Group resorts in Almeria.


Three properties have been snapped up in two-weeks after the award-winning developer The Almanzora Group launched an amazing offer with up to 60% discounts on a select number of new properties on its fabulous resorts at Desert Springs Resort, Villaricos Village, and Playa Marqués Beach, in Almería, Andalucía, south-east Spain.

Simon Coaker, Sales and Marketing Manager for Award winning property developer The Almanzora Group comments,

“No matter how great the oversupply of poor quality, mass built properties, in secondary locations around the old tourism centres, the actual supply of the best quality individual properties in relatively new, less developed locations like our own remain in short supply,” explains Simon Coaker, Sales and Marketing Manager for The Almanzora Group.

“The enthusiastic reaction to our offer proves that the wheel is turning again, at least for the best quality, more individual, properties in new and progressive ‘upwardly mobile’ locations. Buyers are in a position to take advantage of amazing discounts for a limited time through The Almanzora Group, so now is the time to get the best new properties available in Spain before they start rising again, which if sales continue at this level, they surely will.”

Desert Springs Resort

[one_sixth]Desert Springs[/one_sixth]
[five_sixth_last]Two-bedroom, two-bathroom Townhouse – Was €348,000 – [b]Now €145,000


Three- bedroom, two-bathroom Apartment – Was €354,000 – [b]Now €155,000[/b]

Three-bedroom, 2 bathroom Villa – Was €610,000 – [b]Now €265,000[/b] 

Four-bedroom, three bathroom villa – Was €940,000 – [b]Now €425,000[/b][/five_sixth_last]

Villaricos Village

villaricos almeria property for sale[/one_sixth]
[five_sixth_last]Two-bedroom Apartment – Was €350,000 – [b]Now €135,000[/b]

Two-bedroom Townhouse – Was €350,000 – [b]Now €135,000



Playa Marqués Beach

[one_sixth]playa marques almeria property for sale[/one_sixth]
[five_sixth_last]Three-bed Beach Townhouse – Was €348,000 – [b]Now €155,000



Three-bed Beach Villa – Was €680,00 – [b]Now €310,000[/b][/five_sixth_last]

These offers are only available up to March 31st.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity!

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