Short-term holiday lets exempt from Energy Certification law

Example Spanish home energy efficiency certificate
Example certificate

Holiday homes that are let for 4 months of the year or less are exempt from having to obtain the energy certificate that has become a legal requirement for the sale or rental of property in Spain.

On Thursday the penalties for non-compliance with the new energy certification law were published, revealing that fines of between 300 and 6,000 euros will be levied on owners who fail to comply. The fines will be split into three levels dependent upon the severity of the infraction:

Minor offences: €300-600

Serious offences: €601-1,000

Very serious offences: €1,001-6,000

However, holiday-homes that are let for 4 months or less do not require an energy efficiency certificate to engage in holiday-lettings.

Spain has introduced a new law, now in force, obliging property owners to get energy efficiency certificates before they can sell or rent their homes, in line with other European countries. You can read an FAQ here: Spanish Energy Efficiency Certificates

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  • Is that four months over a year of being available to let actual lettings or four months or less per let?

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