Buying property in the Poble Sec district of Barcelona

barcelona poble sec property
View of Montjuic and the Poble Sec

The Poble Sec is a small but agreeable residential area if Barcelona with a pleasant community feel to it. It falls within the district called Sants-Montjuïc and is located just below the hill of Montjuïc with all its theatres, galleries, gardens and Olympic sports facilities (where many concerts are now held). The Poble Sec is also just across the Avenida Del Parallel from the Eixample and the Raval, not far from the centre of town.

The Poble Sec is an interesting district from an investment point of view. It is an up-and-coming area that has long been overlooked, but is now transforming into a trendy district with a good neighbourhood feel and a fun, youngish scene with lots of new bars and restaurants opening up. Many of the streets follow the Eixample town plan, and the district is well placed near to the centre of town, the waterfront (walking distance) and all the attractions of Montjuic.

Despite its obvious attractions, the fact that the Poble Sec was traditionally ignored by affluent buyers means that house prices are relatively low compared to other areas near the centre of town. As a result, the Poble Sec can offer good value, and may offer better investment returns that other, better known areas with a bigger stock of property for sale in Barcelona.