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Foreign investment in Spanish real estate jumps 27pc in 2011

The biggest jump since 2002, taking the level of foreign investment in Spanish property back up to where it was in 2009, according to figures from the Bank of Spain.

What is driving this increase in foreign investment in Spanish real estate? At least part of it will be due to a significant increase in the number of foreigners buying holiday-homes and retirement homes on the Spanish coast, which some of the estate agents and developers I talk to have noted.


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7 thoughts on “Foreign investment in Spanish real estate jumps 27pc in 2011

  • Expressing movements in percentages is very misleading.

    An increase of 1 from zero equals 100% rise!

    27% of WHAT I would ask…where are the numbers?

  • I should be very careful about interpreting these figures. It quite clearly doesnt reflect retail residential investment and most likely reflects interbank mortgage book bond or even block inventory sales at institutional level. It may even reflect the sale of property backed securities to ECB? LoL Bank of Spain is interested only in capital flows.
    As to Christopher Gs question about Spanish National Stats on property…? Chris.. if Pinoccio published them, the country wouldnt be big enough to swing his nose.. LoL they are entirely useless.

  • Richard Hughes says:

    I have an uncle who owns a villa in Spain and has been completely unable to sell it since 2010. He’s not even generating any viewings. I’d like to know who has been buying all of these properties so that I can send them his way!

  • We helped a friend sell her house in Denia. from placing the advert to handing over the keys took 32 days. It was not a top end property, so we were able to benchmark the price on sites like segundamano.es (where her buyer came from) and fotocasa.es.

    By contrast, the prices being asked from one quite large agent are ludicrous. I valued my own property at €99,000 or €113,000 using two methods. By contrast, this particular agent is trying to sell similar properties at an average of €130,000+ !

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