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Judge orders Trampolin Hills to return money to client

A judge in Murcia has ordered the developer of the Trampolin Hills Golf Resort to return more than 60,000 Euros in part payments to a client whose home was never built, reports the Spanish press. The developer will also have to pay tens of thousands of Euros in interest payments and costs.

The claimant, Juan Pedro Férez, signed a sales contract and paid Trampolin Hills 30,000 Euros in February 2006, having paid a deposit of 3,000 Euros to reserve his property in September 2005. He followed up with another 27,000 Euros of stage payments during 2007, expecting to pay the final 40,000 Euros at completion, no later than 20 months after signing the sales contract. But building work at Trampolin Hills has now ground to a halt, having never even begun on the property that Férez hoped he would now be living in.

Férez took the developer to court for breach of contract and won, and then won against the developer’s appeal. The developer must now pay up or declare bankruptcy.

Perez claims he was careful about his choice of development, and even went as far as to talk to the local planning office in the town hall about Trampolin Hills. He was told that the town hall was fully behind the development. It has since emerged that Trampolin Hills is plagued with planning irregularities.

Férez complains that once the problems started it was impossible to get a response from the developer, and not for lack of trying. That will sound familiar to many people with problems on new developments in Spain.

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