Clearing the runway for a Spanish property market take off

Taylor Woodrow townhouses in Calpesol, Costa Blanca
Taylor Woodrow townhouses in Calpesol, Costa Blanca


Despite the gloomy economic environment of the last year and the retrenchment of the overseas property market, Spain has managed to retain its allure for Britons seeking a home in the sun. However, for the property industry in Spain to take off once again there are a number of “boulders on the runway” that have to be removed, a challenge which is now being taken up by an alliance of Taylor Woodrow de España and international accreditation specialists, Safe Buying Experience.

The “boulders” which are holding back the Spanish property market include a lack of trust surrounding the legal title of any property following the well publicised land grab scares, the notional increase in prices resulting from changes in the exchange rate, the fear of substandard construction work, and the lack of available finance.

As a major UK house builder operating in Spain, Taylor Woodrow de España has a head start over other developers in being able to begin to address the challenges and show that Spain still offers fantastic opportunities for those seeking to buy property abroad. As a UK company committed to the highest quality of workmanship in the building of its homes Taylor Woodrow de España can offer its customers piece of mind that anything they buy will be built to an exacting standard.

In order to allay the fears generated through the extensive coverage of Britons who had lost their holiday homes through the so called “land grab” policies of some of Spain’s regional legislators, Taylor Woodrow de España have teamed up with Safe Buying Experience (SBE). SBE offers an independent accreditation service to developers in Spain and Portugal effectively guaranteeing that every Taylor Woodrow de España property has the correct legal title, conforms to planning and building regulations and that buyers are not burdened with a poor or unenforceable contract after handing over a reservation deposit.

The founders of SBE come from a long and distinguished background of law, management and financial services. They recognise that, in an increasingly sophisticated market, buyers seek upfront reassurance that their dream home is everything they believe it to be. Every Taylor Woodrow property in Spain now comes with full SBE accreditation.

Taylor Woodrow de España is also addressing the issue of pricing head on as explained by the Marketing Director, Victor Sague:

“We recognised that for people in the UK the changes in the sterling / euro exchange rate could have priced our properties out of their reach. We have therefore worked hard to reduce our prices by offering really solid discounts to maintain their attractiveness to the UK market, meaning properties are now cheaper in 2009 than they have been for many years.”

“We are really looking forward to the next year. Approaching the height of the summer we are confident that Spain will once again show millions of visitors from the UK just how special a place it is. The latent demand for homes in Spain remains strong and now we have set about removing the boulders from the runway we really believe the market is ready to take off once again. We are already seeing smart investors taking advantage of the deals we have on offer – a sure sign that the market is changing.”

Taylor Woodrow de España provides a specialised service and dedicated team within the UK and Spain who can help and advise homebuyers through the entire process of choosing, buying and settling into a new Spanish home.

The developer currently has a range of Safe Buying Experience endorsed quality homes available in Mallorca, the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, starting from 173,531€.

For further information on Taylor Woodrow de España and the developments available please call 08000 121 020 or visit

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  • I like the story, but Taylor Woodrow has covered practically every boulder but the last one “The lack of available finance”. I’d like to hear their solutions to this challenge.

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