Property in Inland Andalucia 2008

Property in Andalucia

Andalucian inland property market 2008 Report

This report on property in inland Andalucia has been written by Barbara Wood of The Property Finders Andalucia.  The Property Finders are buying agents who represent the buyer, not the vendor. 

Property in Inland Andalucia

The infrastructure improvements of the last decade have demonstrated quite clearly that better access to an area drives property markets forward and impacts on property prices.  Indeed, in % terms, the biggest prices increases of the last five years have not been on the coasts but in the most accessible country areas of the interior and the cities of Seville and Granada – on average doubling and even trebling in the very best locations.

But, as with the coastal markets, the interior of Andalucía is not just one property market but several; in all, Andalucía covers about 87,000 square kilometres and it is inevitable that some areas have performed much better than others, some have really lagged behind and these differences will continue going forward.

There are still hundreds of rural properties to renovate all over Andalucía and it’s easy to find inexpensive houses if you do not mind being miles down mud track, halfway up a mountain and facing north, with no chance of water and electricity being connected anytime soon.

Finding well-located houses with good access, electricity and water and close to a pleasant town or village is more of a challenge but it is essential in the market conditions of 2008 to focus on good properties in prime areas.

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