Property in Eastern Andalucia 2008

Alpujarras mountain property andalusia
The Alpujarras region of Andalusia

This report on property in Eastern Andalucia has been written by Barbara Wood of The Property Finders Andalucia

Property in Eastern Andalucia , 2008 report

In general, this is the poorest part of rural Andalucía although there are pockets of growth, for example in the Granada area, but many isolated mountain villages have yet to see the benefits of major infrastructure improvements.

It is an area of high unemployment and many small communities are in decline as people, particularly the young, move to the coast or the cities for work.

Consequently, property prices are much lower relative to the rest of Andalucía.

However, it is now much easier to access some of the more remote parts of Granada and Jaén by using Granada airport which now has routes to Girona, Stansted, Liverpool, East Midlands, Bergamo and Frankfurt (Hahn).

This the most mountainous region in Andalucía, dominated by the Sierra Nevada, the highest peaks of which are over 3,000 metres above sea-level.

Unsurprisingly, this has an impact on winter weather and throughout the Sierra, the Lecrin valley and the Alpujarras, winters are long and cold.

Unless a buyer is a skier and actually looking for snowy conditions I always recommend that property viewing in this area should be done during the winter months.  Far too many people have bought in this area after only visiting in the summer months and the first winter can come as a real shock.

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