Property in Western Andalucia 2008

Property in Western Andalucia

Infrastructure improvements have come later to this part of Andalucía but across the region the benefits are now really kicking in.

The inland motorway to Jerez has improved access to pretty towns such as Medina Sidonia and Arcos de la Frontera and the airports at Jerez, Seville and Gibraltar are alternatives to Malaga.

Within five years the high speed AVE rail network should be in western Andalucía with the line from Ronda to Algeciras.

The countryside is much greener than the rest of Andalucía and is an important centre of bull and horse breeding, plus the vineyards around Jerez.

This part of Andalucía is where some of the grandest families in Spain built their country estates and in general, country properties in this region have much more land than in other parts.   Therefore they do not come cheap and expect to find large houses to renovate with several hectares of land.

The small farmhouse with 1000m2 really does not exist in western Andalucía.

In my opinion a buyer needs a budget of at least 500.000 € for a renovated property or good villa and upwards of 300.000 € plus renovation costs of 150.000 € if it is unmodernised.

However, this is already a relatively expensive area much favoured by top-end Spaniards and buyers will be disappointed if they go looking for budget property – it is not there.

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