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Court extends Martinsa-Fadesa creditor claims deadline to 25 October

The deadline for creditors to register their claims against Martinsa-Fadesa has been extended to 25 October, as a result of lobbying by Spain’s Association of Users of Banks, Savings Banks, and Insurers (Adicae).

The extension has been confirmed by the administrators, and announced at the official website for Martinsa-Fadesa’s insolvency proceedings.

The move is intended to give creditors living outside Spain, especially in the UK and Portugal, a better understanding of the situation, and more time to register their claims.

Announcements to this effect were placed yesterday in the Financial Times (UK) and the Jornal de Noticias (Portugal). The new deadline is dated one month from the publication of these announcements. See the Martinsa-Fadesa announcement published yesterday in the FT

British people who have bought homes off-plan from Martinsa-Fadesa but have not received anything in return for their stage payments now join the company’s many creditors, especially if they do not have a valid bank guarantee. It is vital for people in this situation to register their claims before the deadline, or risk losing all claims to the money they have invested with Martinsa-Fadesa.

For further information see www.administracionconcursalmartinsafadesa.es or ring +34 902 627 925 (Spanish speaking).


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