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Expat home owners in Almeria march for property rights

Expat property owners marched through Almeria City on 9 January to protest against town planning disarray and corruption, whilst demanding stronger property rights and access…

Bulldozers start to demolish illegal homes in Tenerife

The Spanish authorities set to work demolishing illegal homes in Tenerife today, knocking down at least 3 homes in waterside neighbourhood known as Cho Vito,…

Cantoria residents marching for their property rights, government starts to listen

A group of British residents in Cantoria, Almeria, is organising a peaceful protest march to highlight the plight of foreign property owners in the region,…

Trouble brewing in Cantoria, Almeria

Dozens of Britons are living under the threat of having their homes demolished in the El Fas development of Cantoria, in Andalucia’s Almeria province. Illegally…

Administration argues over who should compensate the Priors for demolished home.

The town hall of Vera (Almeria) is suing the department of housing and town planning of the Regional government of Andalucia (Junta) over who should…

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