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Spanish Police Bust Massive Timeshare Scam On Costa Del Sol

The Spanish police have busted a massive British-run Timeshare scam on the Costa del sol that defrauded hundreds, if not thousands of British owners of…

UK Vows to Get ‘Tough’ on Expat Pension Cheats

The U.K. Department for Work and Pensions says it is cracking down on expats who are illegally taking benefits.

Court case in Valencia sheds light on dirty dealings in property business

The other day I noticed a short article in the Valencian press about a civil case between a Spanish company called Morarim SL, and Zodiac…

Public prosecutor goes after Aifos owners

Things have been going downhill for the notorious Spanish developer Aifos ever since its bosses were arrested and charged for bribery in the ‘Malaya’ police…

Landsbanki collapse creates misery for dozens of property owners in Marbella

More than a hundred owners in Marbella risk losing their properties as a result of the collapse of the Icelandic bank Landsbanki, reports the Spanish…

Infamous developer Aifos gets off one hook onto another

Aifos, the infamous Marbella-based Spanish developer, is being sued by at least 3 former clients for misselling rooms in the Guadalpin de Marbella hotel as…

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