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Bank will start lending when property prices stop falling

The president of the Spanish banking association, Miguel Martin, said recently that banks will start lending again when “the fear of a property price collapse”…

Credit crunch still big problem for Spanish property market

The credit crunch and lack of mortgage financing is still the single biggest problem for the Spanish property market, argues Marifé Esteso, President of the…

Spanish banking sector needs 62 billion Euros before year end to meet obligations

An article in the Spanish daily El Pais reveals that the Spanish banking sector needs to raise 62 billion Euros before the end of the…

The credit crunch is not to blame

Most people now accept that Spain is going into a serious property market downturn, even if the ministry of housing’s statistics are still suspiciously hunky-dory….

Comments on the latest Spanish property market report

Sent in by email: I read your report on the Spanish property market and found it very lucid and full of wisdom. I bought my…

The credit crunch and the Spanish property market

The credit crunch is going to take its toll on the Spanish property business. One high profile developer, Llanera (till recently sponsors of Charlton Athletic)…

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