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….. Take over of their towns in so far as their way of life, fish & chips, Karoke bar, loutish/aggresive behaviour, walking bare chest with their union jack shorts. throwing up in the streets.

Which towns? Those on the coast which the Spanish promote as tourist destinations and to which they encourage more and more British to visit? Or is this also true of the inland towns?

Whatever towns the Spanish promote as tourist destinations, they promote as a SPANISH TOWN or SPANISH DESTINATION. A tourist with any brains does not visit Spain for fish & chips, Karoke bar, loutish/aggresive behaviour, walking bare chest with their union jack shorts. throwing up in the streets – as a British ex-pat I do not want those things either. Those type of tourists are not wanted by the Spanish or Ex-pat community – best they stay in the UK – at least Blackpool has got trams to keep them out of the cold!

Much as you and the other expats would wish it otherwise, the louts walking around bare chested with union jack shorts and throwing up due to drinking too much alcohol are on the costa del sol and probably only a short walk from that town house you are still trying to sell.

In fact, if the Spanish wanted to promote Spanish culture why on earth did they allow those tacky little British bars all around Benalmadena and Fuengirola? I’d say it was a town planning disaster almost equal to the half constructed apartments that litter the landscape.

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2) Expect/Demand that they speak English.

Is this in tourist resorts? I should imagine that you would have to speak the language or languages of your foreign tourists or they will stop visiting.

Hang on, do those in London speak the language of the capital’s tourists? I struggle to find a Shop assistant, waiter, barman or London Underground Information clerk who speaks English – I bet none of them speak any other Euro language like Spanish, French or German!

We’ve already established the type of tourist that Spain attracts. London gets a more sophisticated tourist that will typically speak English and who will spend a lot more money.

I, in my 15 years living in London, never encountered any shop assistant, waiter, barman or London Underground Information clerk who did not speak English. Maybe you lived in a poor part of London in which there were a lot of recently arrived immigrants.

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I would urge you to leave the European Union. You are too sensitive and insular to belong in an economic union that involves the free movement of labour.

The UK are now in all ways full active members of the EU are they? The Pound is being replaced by the Euro? I think you will find it is the UK that are being insular and will not fully join an economic union where the currency of that union is the Euro! Mind you, the British farmers don’t mind accepting their subsidies in Euros though!!

I think the decision that the UK made in not joining the euro will soon be seen as a good one.

At a time when the Spanish need to reduce interest rates in order to help those who have overstretched themselves to buy property, the ECB is likely to have to raise interest rates in order to quell inflation.

As for the British farmers, I don’t know any but I am sure that they accept their subsidies as eagerly as the Spanish farmers. Speaking of subsidies, aren’t the EU subsidies to Spain to end soon in favour of the new entrants to the union? That will be a double whammy to the economy.

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If he was talking of louts that get drunk and cause trouble then maybe he is one of those Brits who have never seen drunken Spanish people. I assure you that I have seen many drunken Spanish, in fact I was drinking with them at the time.

Difference is that when Spanish People get drunk they do so and enjoy themselves. On the whole they do not become aggresive or act like louts as the unwanted Brits do.

Well, I have met loud and aggressive Spanish, in fact when I went to football my friends would always ensure that I didn’t mingle with the ultras. You have seen the ultras? They were the racists that shamed Spain when they played England by making monkey chants towards our black players.

If you watch Spanish television you will see many references to wife beating but I suppose if it happens indoors and doesn’t frighten the horses it is OK?

As for unwanted Brits! Well, unwanted by who? When the Spanish economy hits the skids these Brits will be encouraged to visit Spain with cheaper flights and cheaper hotel rooms. Soon, I would imagine it would be impossible to step outside the most well located town house on the costa del sol without stepping into a pool of vomit.